Foods That Reduce Gynecomastia – What To Eat To Treat Gyno?

food causes gynecomastiaIf you are serious about getting rid of Gynecomastia in the long-term then you should make a commitment to change your lifestyle and that includes changing the foods you eat.

Not only will you reduce the size of your man breasts, but you can also improve your overall health.

Here are some tips about foods that reduce Gynecomastia you can follow to help minimize Gyno over time.

  1. The first tip is straight forward and simple: lose weight. Everyone with gyno will find that some of it is made up of fatty tissue that can easily be lost by following a healthy low-calorie diet. Eat plenty of protein and whole grains and reduce fat and carbs to see fast results.
  2. Next, you want to address the hormones that cause gynecomastia. If you get more testosterone in your body you can aim to counteract the female hormone estrogen that can lead to man boobs. Do this by eating zinc-rich foods like liver, cabbage, sprouts, and broccoli.
  3. Eat plenty of seeds like pumpkin, watermelon, and squash seeds that you can find in health food stores. These are handy to keep on you during the day in a lunch box to snack on. These are very high in zinc which we know helps produce testosterone to counteract gyno.
  4. Some foods are high in the female hormone estrogen and thus should be avoided or else they could really make moobs worse. This includes soy products. It seems obvious that you should avoid soy milk, cheese, and butter, but products such as tofu and many vegetarian meat alternatives contain soy too. Always check the label.
  5. Also, avoid dairy products and meat that are produced using growth hormones. If possible, switch to organic foods as these are not allowed to be made using growth hormones. This includes common dairy foods like milk, cheese, and butter.
  6. Add an anti gyno supplement to your diet such as Gynectrol. Gynectrol is specifically designed to get rid of man boobs quickly and easily and works in almost all men.

Top Rated Gyno Supplement

Gynectrol is an all-natural Gyno reduction supplement that is my top-rated product for getting rid of Gynecomastia safely and quickly with long-lasting results.

Most men have zero side effects when taking this supplement and find that this safe method of male breast reduction is much preferable to surgery. They don't want the pain, cost, and risk of breast removal surgery.

In fact, the only so-called negative effect men saw was overall weight loss as well as losing fat from their breasts. But Gynectrol doesn't just get rid of fatty deposits, it works to break down glandular breast tissue too.

This two-pronged approach focuses on male breast reduction from all angles. Most supplements out there only focus on reducing fat, so they are nothing more than diet pills.

Gynectrol really works with most men achieving the flat chest they are happy with in just a few months with results starting in 3 weeks.

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