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If you are looking to get rid of chest fat and tissue that causes gynecomastia, you may look at going down the medication route in order to get rid of your problem rather than putting yourself through painful and expensive surgery that can cost into the high thousands depending on the extent of the problem.

Unfortunately there are numerous medications prescribed that actually CAUSE Gynecomastia when taken by men (such as spironolactone). Thankfully there is also some medications that have the opposite effect of getting rid of Gynecomastia.

You want to look for a pill that reduces fat cells in the chest and breaks down the glandular tissue that makes up so called “man boobs”. You also want a solution that works on the root cause of this often embarrassing problem, excess estrogen production in men.

That product has to be:

  1. Safe – so that it does not cause harmful side effects.
  2. Easy to use – where you can take a few easy to swallow pills a day .
  3. Value for money – as some products for gynecomastia can be very expensive.
  4. Fast acting – so you can see results in a matter of months.


It is just a case of reading up on the different types of medication that exist. For writing this article we researched the different medical treatments available in order to help you make up your mind about which medication to buy.

And the medication we selected as the best gynecomastia treatment is called Gynectrol, which you may or may not have heard of before. It is quite a popular treatment option and represents good value for money. It comes in easy to swallow pill form which is taken twice daily, morning and night, and has an exemplary safety record or causing little to no side effects.

Results start showing in as little as three weeks, and the side effect that may happen is seen as a bonus for many users, the reduction of overall fat levels.

gynecomastia medicationIt comes out top on our rating of:

  • Effectiveness
  • Low amount of side effects
  • Speed of results
  • Legal and safe ingredients


Gynectrol has the added advantage of being available for purchase without a prescription. After all, many men are embarrassed about their male enlarged breasts and do not wish to go to a doctor for a physical examination.

With Gynectrol they can treat gynecomastia from the comfort of their own home without a prescription or embarrassing physical examination. There is no need for surgery that can cost many thousands when you can simply take two pills a day and reap the benefits.

What is Gynectrol

It is a treatment that can significantly reduce male breast tissue when taken daily in pill form. Over a short period of time, say a month to two months, you will see maximum results and can begin reducing your dosage of Gynectrol and maintain your results to get even better value for money.

It is safe and legal but is not to be mistaken for ineffective “cures” that simply do not work. This is one safe and effective product.

For more information:

Click here for our full Gynectrol review



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