Does Milk Cause Moobs? – Is Organic or Soy Milk Better?

milk causes moobsThere have been some fears that milk can cause gynecomastia (otherwise known as moobs or man boobs). Up until now, the jury has been out as to whether cows and soya milk can contribute to male breast tissue.

Many men drink milk after a workout because of the protein boost it provides which is thought to help build muscle. But if you are a man that is working out in an attempt to lose man boobs, could you be doing more harm than good?

You see cows milk contains the female hormone estrogen which is a hormone that is responsible for breast growth in women. similarly, soya milk contains phytoestrogens.

Is Organic Milk Better?

Amounts of these differ depending on whether the milk is organic or not. In non-organic milk, the cow has usually been injected with hormones to increase their milk production, among other reasons. In organic milk, no hormones are administered, so estrogen levels in organic milk tend to be lower.

Levels of estrogen and estrogen-like compounds in both types of milk are typically low and it is important to bear in mind that men do naturally have female hormones in their body anyway.

Does Soy Milk Cause Gynecomastia?

The phytoestrogens present in soy milk are functionally similar to estrogen in humansยน.

However, there have only been a few cases of Gynecomastia directly caused by the intake of phytoestrogens in the form of Soy products.

As there has been no real large scale investigation or research into soy milk and Gynecomastia, no clear scientific link has been established.

Does Milk Cause Moobs?

The answer is probably not.

In fact, scientists now claim that the levels of these hormones in both types of milk are so low that they will not cause or contribute to the creation of man boobs.

Dietitian Maxine Smith says that milk is hormonally speaking:

“absolutely safe for men to drink”

This is great news for men who were previously worried about keeping their manly figure, but for men who have Gynecomastia who thought cutting out milk could solve their problem, this news comes as little comfort.

Instead, if you suffer from moobs you may have to look at some of the treatments available both surgical and non-surgical.

Should I Get Gynecomastia Surgery?

Surgery is usually effective and the results are long-term, but surgery comes with several side effects and risks.

Even after having surgery, you may not be pleased with your chest because of loose skin left after the procedure or not enough breast tissue is taken away. Or you may be unhappy with scarring left over.

So you could end up having to get even more surgery to try and correct the results of the first procedure.

Non-Surgical Alternatives

You could alternatively try one of the many supplements on the market in order to cure moobs for good. There are so many to choose from it can be hard to know which work and which are just scams.

I did the hard work for you, reviewing many of the Gynecomastia solutions on the market and coming to the conclusion that Gynectrol is the best supplement for fast, safe, and long-lasting results.

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