Celebrities With Man Boobs

When you have gynecomastia it can be easy to think that you're on your own with this sometimes embarrassing problem. It seems hard to imagine that celebs that are polished and preened to perfection could suffer from the same problem. Man boobs can strike any man, and there are plenty of celebrities that suffer from this problem. This article contains a few examples.

  • Jack Nicholson has been featured in newspapers and magazines without his shirt on because of the fact that he has put on a lot of weight over the past few years. Closer inspection shows he does indeed have man breasts.
  • Simon Cowell is known for wearing tight t-shirts as well as wearing high trousers, but the tight shirts around his moob area don't do him any favors. Despite this issue, he is one of the most highly paid TV personalities in the USA and the UK so he doesn't let it hold him back.
  • Arnold Schwarzenegger used to have an impressive set of pecs, but as he got older and stopped working out as much, his muscle is being replaced with fat and this is showing in his chest region. We can't deny that he's in good shape, but it still shows that working out a lot won't stop the dreaded moob from forming.
  • Jack Black is known for his sense of humor as much as his untoned body. He has man boobs and does little to conceal them. They do seem to get bigger as he puts on more weight.
  • John Travolta is a former heartthrob who was known for his slim physique. Age has caught up with him and he was recently photographed without his shirt sporting a serious pair of man breasts. He is still majorly famous so he hasn't let them affect his career.
  • Aerosmith singer Steven Tyler was once pin-thin and couldn't put on weight if he tried, but again age has caught up with him and the excess fat has settled around his chest.

hollywood signThese celebrities all have two things in common.

  • One they have gynecomastia
  • Two they don't let it get in the way of their daily lives.

If you find man boobs are getting in the way of your life, stopping you swimming, affecting your personal life, preventing you from wearing fitted clothing for example, then you might want to do something about it.

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