Should You Wear A Bra If You Have Gynecomastia?

It may seem like a ridiculous proposal at first, but men can and do wear bras when they have severe gynecomastia. Even if you have a less severe form of the condition, wearing a bra may be an option for you.

Men have the choice of wearing a plain female bra which comes in various cup sizes, or a compression bra that is designed specifically for men. Alternately a Gynecomastia vest may make you feel more comfortable.

Wearing a female bra

Men with a large chest may wish to wear a traditional full cup, supportive female bra in order to support their breasts and to avoid bouncing and discomfort. Or they could opt for a minimizer bra to provide some compression of their chest.

Another option is buying a sports bra as these are specifically designed to provide compression and minimize bouncing, both of which are things you may be looking for in a Gynecomastia bra.

Choosing whether or not your bra has a wire is a factor to consider. Most men find wireless is better as wires in female are not wide enough to properly fit the wider male chest physique.

It is important to get the right size so if you are choosing to try this then you may wish to be measured at a discreet lingerie shop.

If you are too embarrassed to get fitted in a shop you can measure your own bra size using a tape measure to get your band size and cup measurements and purchase the correct size bra online.

Wearing a Gynecomastia Bra

If you would like to use something that is more designed for men with your problem a compression bra may be the way to go. These help to flatten the breasts rather than lifting them as female bras do.

These garments were originally designed to be worn after gynecomastia surgery but my top tip is that you can wear them if you haven't had surgery too. Some men find the compression they offer to be uncomfortable and can only wear them for special occasions.

The great thing about a properly fitted male bra is that it instantly provides a disguise for moobs. Though they can be quite expensive, they are much cheaper than getting breast removal surgery.

A Long Term Solution

Sadly, wearing a bra for gynecomastia only provides a short term solution. You can't wear one whilst swimming with your top off and in intimate situations. And there is no medical requirement for men with Gyno to wear any type of bra.

Why not try a long term solution to Gynecomastia called Gynectrol.

Gynectrol is a pill designed for treating all types of Gynecomastia from slight to sever cases. It comes in bottles that cost the same as a good male bra but it works on the long term reduction of male breasts and works for most men.

For more information on how Gynectrol could work for eliminating your male breasts:

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  1. I do not know why “men” feel no need to wear a bathing suit top while just because they have “moobs”. Most places require WOMEN to wear tops, so why can’t men be forced to wear them also if the “moobs” are very pronounced? This, to me, is a DOUBLE STANDARD to the extreme, and I would gladly wear a bathing suit top that is made specifically for men!

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