Top 4 Supplements to Reduce Big Man Boobs

Most men who have man boobs that just won't go away, have tried anything and everything they can in order to solve their problem once and for all. This includes the typical diet and exercises that articles across the internet suggest you do to get rid of Gynecomastia.

Maybe you have tried loads of ways of getting rid of your man boobs and nothing has worked.

This is where Gynecomastia removal supplements come into play. Sure, diet and exercise will help to a certain degree but with loads of supplements out there all claiming to get rid of man boobs, you may as well explore your options.

Flax Oil

flax oilThere are natural and easy to get hold of supplements you could try such as flax oil. This flax seed extract will help with skin elasticity.

Unfortunately it is not a very tasty oil to take by itself, so you may want to mix it in with a drink or food, or take a prepackaged pill (which retailers usually add huge markups to, so will be more expensive than buying a bottle of oil)

Please note that this oil only works if your man boobs look bad because you have lost a lot of weight and the skin sags.

Green Tea

Green tea is another supplement you could make use of as part of your diet. It is often packaged up as a weight loss aid because it contains chemicals that promote fat burning. But again, this is only effective if your man boobs contain lots of fat. True Gynecomastia involves glandular tissue as well as fatty tissue, and Green tea just won't work on that glandular tissue.

Green tea will probably make more of a difference than flax seed oil for most men, but it isn't going to be a cure by itself.


broccoliIgnoring the scary chemical sounding name, this is actually a naturally sourced supplement made from extracts of green vegetables such as Kale.

In scientific studies it was found to reduce the levels of estrogen in the study participants bodies. More estrogen in your body typically means bigger man boobs.

Unfortunately at the time of writing there was no standardized version of I3C made into an easy to take pill form as trials are still ongoing. However, you can add plenty of green veg like brussel sprouts and broccoli into your diet to get some benefits from this chemical.

Gynecomastia Pills

You can buy pills that work to restore the balance between testosterone and estrogen in your body. Most scientists believe that Gynecomastia is caused by an excess of the female hormone estrogen in a mans body, with low testosterone levels as well. All of this leads to the appearance of man boobs on your chest.

Gynectrol is, in my opinion, the best man boob reduction pill because it contains high quality, proven ingredients that together have helped thousands of men reduce and get rid of their Gynecomastia safely and permanently.

I have prepared a full Gynectrol review telling you all you need to know from why it works to where you can buy it:

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