Guggulsterones for Gynecomastia – Do They Work?

Gynecomastia isn't a pleasant condition to have, therefore you may be looking for natural and safe ways to get rid of man boobs and have come across Guggulsterone, an extract of Guggul trees that is said to help Gynecomastia by means of fat reduction¹.

Also known by the name Guggul, this is often used as a herbal treatment for obesity for its ability to cause weight loss. It can be useful in the treatment of some kinds of Gynecomastia that are caused by fatty deposits around the nipple.

What is Guggulsterone?

guggulsterone moleculeIt is a herbal and all-natural treatment that is found in particular Commiphora Mukul trees in India. It was used by Indian people in traditional Ayurvedic medicine, mainly as a treatment for obesity, for many years and is thought to be safe because of its track record and lack of known side effects.

People prefer to take herbal remedies like Guggulsterones for various reasons, particularly because they are considered safer than harsh chemicals found in many Gynecomastia pills.

How can it help you lose man boobs?

Firstly, it helps to support the thyroid gland². The thyroid gland plays a major role in regulating the metabolism. As some men find their man boobs are made up of mostly fatty tissue, by burning off this tissue due to a faster metabolism you could see amazing results.

For this reason, it is also often included in many weight loss preparations³. So a bonus of taking Guggulsterone supplements is overall weight loss as well as spot treating man boobs.

They are also considered to be an anti-inflammatory, which is ideal if you also suffer from puffy nipples. Puffy nipples can make Gyno appear much worse than it really is, so by treating these, you will get a “quick win” when it comes to treating and improving the appearance of man boobs.

Guggulsterones are considered to be a very safe supplement to use, as they don't stimulate the central nervous system (so no shaking,nausea or racing heart side effects that you may get with other Gynecomastia treatment products).

In clinical trials, long term use was proven to be safe which suggests that taking a Gyno supplement that has Guggul as an ingredient could be relatively safe for longer-term use.

What supplements contain Guggulsterones

Gynectrol is a natural Gynecomastia pill that contains Guggulsterones as well as other powerful but natural man boob fighting ingredients. It has an excellent side effect profile with most men taking it with no adverse side effects or safety concerns.

Guggul capsules have been available on the market to buy for a long time but with Gynectrol you get this and several other carefully chosen natural ingredients. They all work together for maximum chest flattening results.

Gynectrol is also my top-rated Gynecomastia reduction supplement because it is so effective and works so quickly, within just a few months.

So if you want to try a supplement that contains this remarkable plant extract, I would recommend Gynectrol.

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