Techniques for Hiding Your Man Boobs

The cold, hard truth is that Gynecomastia is an embarrassing condition to have. Other people may refer to your Gyno as “man boobs” or even “moobs”. Sure, the condition isn't going to be life-ending but sometimes you may wish the ground will open up and swallow you, especially if you get jokes aimed at your chest.

Men have revealed to me that that they didn't feel masculine enough because only women are meant to have breasts. They have shared that they were mocked by potential partners in bed, or by other men at the gym while changing. It must be a nightmare to suffer from Gynecomastia!

There are ways to get rid of male breast tissue, including going on a strict diet and exercising correctly. You might even think about turning to surgery to get rid of your unwanted moobs, but in the mean time let's look at some ways to hide Gyno so you can feel more confident quickly.

The following two quick and easy techniques will inform you about the fastest ways of hiding your Gynecomastia in an unforgiving world. They won't cure the problem, but they will protect you from being the butt of jokes (although personally I feel you shouldn't be mocked for a medical condition – but such is life).

Wear Dark Colors

man wearing dark shirtYou might not have noticed, but many Celebrities use this tip if they have put on a few pounds and want to hide it, for example. They have to face the photographers and be the center of attention on the red carpet, so they have to look their best at all times or they will make unflattering headlines in magazines the following day.

There are celebs with man boobs too! They tend to wear dark colors such as dark brown, navy blue, and black which not only have a slimming effect, they also help to disguise the telltale lumps of male breasts.

You are also in luck because these dark-colored t-shirts and vests are readily available in stores. They are common colors. Another tip is to choose tops made from thicker fabrics as thinner materials will only highlight your man boobs.

Some men afflicted with this condition try to pass off their breasts as pectoral muscles. You must avoid this as the honest truth is very few people can get away with this. Stick to polo and sweatshirts for concealing your chest and try to wear looser garments that will be more forgiving.

Use Support Garments

Never heard of support garments for Gynecomastia, or think I'm insane for suggesting “shape-wear” as an option? Although shape-wear garments are typically worn by women, they can be your secret weapon in the fight to hide your man boobs.

They really help to minimize that “jiggly” feeling and keep your chest lumps minimized. We aren't talking wearing a random women's shaping vest, there are tops made specifically for men with Gyno that can give you a smoother appearance that can increase your confidence immensely.

Unfortunately, and as you have probably guessed, support garments are only a temporary measure. Some sufferers don't like wearing them because they are afraid of being caught wearing a compression garment when they are changing in the gym, or by their partners. You have to weigh up whether it is worth the appearance of so-called normality for you.

Long Term Solutions

If you are sick of simply hiding your man boobs and want to get rid of them for good, here are some long term solutions for getting rid of Gynecomastia:

  • Diet and Exercise – Male breast tissue is also made up of fat which can be reduced by following a sensible diet and exercise regime. Be careful when exercising your pectoral muscles because you may end up making your chest more prominent.
  • Surgery – There is a type of surgery where the affected chest tissue is removed, leaving scars across the breast. There is also liposuction that can be carried out on male breasts. Both have the downside of potential side effects from severe pain to deformity and even death from infection.
  • Supplements – The recommended route on this site is for you to buy and use a good, high-quality supplement such as Gynectrol. This is a pill that, when taken twice a day, significantly reduces male breast tissue and fat with optimal results being after just 3 months of taking the supplement.

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