Risks of Gynecomastia Surgery

There is a difference between having excess fat and having full-blown Gynecomastia. Gynecomastia is a medical term for excess fatty and breast tissue around the chest area in a man, and is sometimes known as “man boobs”.gynecomastia surgery

Scientists believe that up to 40% of men have man boobs to some degree. It doesn't bother some people, and that's fine. However, for many men it is a major embarrassing problem they will try anything to solve.

Many of those men visit a plastic surgeon to have surgery on their chests in an effort to remove the excess tissue.The surgery is a major operation carried out under general anesthetic and is not without risks, and in this article we are going to look at a few of the main risks associated with this type of surgery.


When a surgeon cuts into a Gyno stricken chest, there is a high chance that extensive scarring will be left behind. The size of the scar usually depends on the extent of the Gynecomastia. Some men find that after a year or so the scar fades, but there are some men that are left too embarrassed to take their shirt off for fear of showing severe scarring.

This isn't ideal if one of the reasons why you are seeking Gyno surgery is because you don't like taking your top off to expose your chest.


Asymmetry of chest size and nipple placement are a concern when getting surgery for this condition. You could end up with one nipple pointing in a different direction. Again, this can leave many refusing to undress or even embarrassed when wearing tight-fitting clothing for fear of showing asymmetrical results.


Rippling and dents can appear when you are healing, and may need another procedure to correct the deformities in order to create a more even, smooth appearance. Some men get trapped in a cycle of getting more and more surgery in an attempt to achieve perfection, that just isn't going to happen

More Surgery

Most Gynecomastia surgeries are carried out over more than one session because it is such a tricky operation. In the first procedure, often not enough fat is removed, and therefore a further session is required to remove the maximum amount of fat.

Couple the chance of the risks above with the high cost of Gynecomastia removal surgery (up to $9,000 in complex cases) and it is easy to see why you may be looking for a non-surgical alternative that is just as effective.

Non-Surgical Male Breast Reduction

Gynectrol is the leading man boob reduction pill that is very easy to take on a daily basis and works quickly to reduce the signs of Gynecomastia. It may seem hard to believe that taking a simple pill twice a day will reduce your chest in a matter of weeks, but Gynectrol has proven itself time and time again in people like you.

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