Plastic Surgery For Gynecomastia Removal

Getting plastic surgery to remove Gynecomastia may seem like a drastic option, but when you weigh up the effect having “man boobs” can have on your self-esteem it may seem like your only option.

Performed under a general anesthetic, male breast reduction surgery involves the cutting and removal of male breast tissue and fat from the chest area in order to leave you with a flatter chest. The nipples are preserved in this type of surgery.

Other types of surgery include liposuction of the male chest area, which usually involves anesthesia and similar risks to the surgery outlined above.

Problems with Gynecomastia surgery

gynecomastia surgeonThe most prominent downside of this type of plastic surgery is the extensive scarring that it leaves, which is fine if you don't want to go topless around the pool or take off your shirt when around a partner.

However, if you do want the confidence to show off your new chest without being self-conscious about scarring then surgery probably isn't for you.

Another issue you could face after having Gynecomastia surgery is the danger of anesthetic. Although rare, healthy men can die from undergoing general anesthetic. General anesthetic always has a risk, albeit small, of allergic reaction or death.

On a more minor note, but not to be dismissed, is the high cost of this type of surgery, running into the thousands. Even if you decide to get surgery abroad.

Not everyone can afford to pay this high fee, nor take the time off work in order to recover from what amounts to major surgery. It may be a difficult one to excuse yourself for work from as well as it is considered cosmetic surgery and not essential.

Best Alternative to Plastic Surgery

If you want to avoid the risks of this kind of treatment, and want to find a safer way to get rid of your breast tissue without the scarring, high cost, and risk of surgery, you should look into one of the few Gynecomastia removal pills that really work.

There are only a few prominent Gyno supplements to choose from on the market and I looked at them all to compare them. One stood head and shoulders above the competition in terms of safety and effectiveness.

Our top-rated Gynecomastia cure is a pill called Gynectrol, which you may have heard of before on other websites. That is because it is the most popular and probably the most effective Gynecomastia treating pill.

Gynectrol is a safe and legal supplement that you take daily in order to quickly see male breast reduction results. It works in two ways: by reducing fat around your breast and flattening male breast tissue. This way it fully treats Gynecomastia.

Compared to Gynecomastia surgery, it is extremely cheap and cost-effective. The other benefit is that you do not have to take time out for work, simply incorporate taking Gynectrol into your daily routine.

for a full review of Gynectrol including ingredients and how it works:

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