Lavender Oil Causes Gynecomastia? The Essential Oil Link

Recent research highlights the dangers of using body products such as soap, styling products, and shampoos that contain lavender oil. This is because of the risk of causing Gynecomastia in boys.

lavendar plantDr. Clifford Bloch of the Pediatric Endocrine Associates in Colorado found a link between lavender oils and breast growth in 3 prepubertal males.

Although the number of affected boys seems small, a definite link has been proven and in my experience, any little thing you can do to prevent Gyno is worth it.

The clinical study carried out by Dr.Bloch and colleagues states that lavender and tea tree essential oils can mimic the effect of the female hormone estrogen in the body. That is they are estrogenic.

The wide use of these endocrine-disrupting essential oils in cosmetic and body products means this may be a large cause for concern for any male concerned with potential Gynecomastia development.

Critical parties are skeptical about the research findings and are keen to downplay the results by stating that chronic exposure to the chemical compounds was needed to have an effect. And most boys and men do not have such frequent exposure to the oils.

They say further research is needed to determine a definite correlation between the two oils and Gyno in prepubertal boys.

Stop Gynecomastia in its tracks

If you already have or are developing Gynecomastia, my advice is to check products you are using, particularly body washes or products that will come into contact with your chest, specifically for lavender, and tea tree oils.

They each have a distinct scent so you may be able to tell by the scent of the product but you cannot be too careful. It is best to check the ingredients list in body products to be sure.

Or you may have been using neat or dilute tea tree or lavender essential oils for instance during aromatherapy massages.

Cut these products out of your daily routine and you may see a reduction in male breast size over time. At the least, you should be able to stop Gyno from getting worse.

There is concern that other essential oils may have the same Gyno causing effects like these, so it is wise to be wary when buying essential oil containing products.

Using a Gynecomastia Product

This is just another weapon in your arsenal against Gyno. For quick and effective results I would suggest taking the above advice on board as well as using a proven Gynecomastia combating supplement such as Gynectrol.

It works to break down the tissue and fat that makes up male breasts until you achieve a flat chest, and is designed to be perfectly safe for daily use until Gynecomastia doesn't trouble you at all.

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