Gynecomastia Exercise and Workout Plan for Man Boobs

We all know that getting regular exercise is good for your health. It has benefits ranging from having a healthy heart to maintaining a healthier weight. However, Gynecomastia exercise is specifically tailored towards giving men smaller male breasts.

Just as everyone should exercise at least 3 times a week, so to should you do Gynecomastia workouts as often as possible.

Devising a Gynecomastia workout plan comes down to what is causing the problem. There are two ways to tackle the problem through Gynecomastia exercise:

  1. If you are suffering with man boobs because of excess fat, you should focus on getting more cardio exercise into your workouts.
  2. If the problem is more to do with excess breast tissue, you may find that strength training is more helpful for getting rid of your man boobs.

Usually the solution involves a combination of both methods of working out, alongside a Gynecomastia reducing diet.

Gynecomastia Diet Tips

One cause of male breast growth is eating lots of junk and processed foods. Not only do these foods encourage levels of estrogen to rise in your body (which encourages man boob growth), it also causes fatty tissue to be deposited around your chest.

You can avoid this by eating less highly processed foods, and following the general sensible diet rules we are all familiar with (but don't always follow).

If you want the full run down on what role diet plays in Gynecomastia, read my full list of foods you should avoid to get rid of man boobs.

Cardio Gynecomastia Exercise

You should do cardiovascular exercise such as running on a treadmill or outside, 3-4 times a week. This will be highly effective at first for stripping off body fat, including on your chest. Soon you will have to kick things up a notch with interval training to see maximum fat loss results.

With High Intensity Interval Training, you will be burning fat for hours afterwards and it has been shown to boost testosterone too. This male hormone counteracts the female hormone estrogen. This can make a real difference in itself.

Body Weight Training for Gynecomastia

The second type of Gynecomastia exercise involves body weight training either in a gym or at home. Some men with moobs avoid the gym because they have to take their shirt off in communal changing rooms and expose their chest which can make them feel self-conscious.

That's OK, you can train at home by using your body weight as resistance. A few home exercises you can do to tone up are:

  • gynecomastia exerciseDips
  • Push-ups
  • Squats
  • Lunges
  • Burpees
  • Planks

You'll notice that these exercises aren't particularly chest-focused. This is because muscle burns off more calories than fat does, even when you are resting. They also burn off fat stored in your man boobs.

If you want to focus on your chest, then try a few different types of push-ups from the sphinx to plyometric and archer push-ups. All of these can be easily googled as there are some good resources out there (even if they aren't specifically focused on man boob reduction).

Strength Training at a Gym

If you prefer to workout in a gym, then focus on flat or incline bench presses with barbells and dumbbells. The aim is to tighten and tone your chest so that your man boobs aren't as noticeable.

Monitor your progress carefully as some men find that when they develop their pectoral muscles, they find their Gynecomastia is made more prominent instead of looking better.

The key to a good chest workout is variety and proper form. This is a basic workout plan for man boobs you can work on yourself using information from a variety of resources, including YouTube.

Gynecomastia Supplements

If you really want to boost your progress alongside exercise for Gynecomastia, you can take a supplement. Gynectrol is my top rated supplement for man boobs because it has proven itself over the years to be safe, effective and reliable.

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