Growing Up With Gynecomastia- Treatment Advice and Tips

Growing up with gynecomastia isn't easy. Teenagers with male breasts may find it difficult to fit in with their peers because of teasing that can cause low self-esteem. So we have developed a guide to making growing up with “man boobs” easier.

You can use this advice to inform you whether you are concerned about your son, your brother, or someone you know. It will maybe help you to become more informed about the condition and find out how you can help them.

Reassure Them

gynecomastia in boys

They really aren't alone in suffering from this condition. Studies show that up to 69% of teenage boys have Gynecomastia to some extent when they are growing up.

In fact, it is considered normal to develop a small volume of man boobs during puberty because of fluctuating levels of the female hormone estrogen.

Usually, as they grow up, their breast tissue will naturally reduce in proportion to their body.

It is only a small minority of boys that will go on to have full-blown Gynecomastia in adulthood.

It Will Get Better

About 90% of gynecomastia cases in pubescent boys resolve over time according to research, and this is usually within 18-36 months.

Man boobs aren't dangerous to a boy's health so it is perfectly safe to leave them and wait until they disappear or reduce by themselves.

Following a sensible diet and exercise regime appropriate to their age can help burn off any of the excess fat that may be making the situation look worse.

Consult a Doctor

Although this condition isn't harmful, it may be helpful to visit a doctor who can provide reassurance and more detailed information on how diet and exercise can get rid of fatty deposits that make man boobs worse.

It is always sensible to consult a professional, no matter how self-conscious the person suffering may be about their issue. A doctor will have seen it all before and probably has seen worse cases.

Give them privacy

Teens with gyno often don't want to participate in activities that involve taking off their shirts. Don't force them to do so if they are embarrassed about it.

Consider talking to the boy's teacher to make them aware of the situation and allow them to avoid activities like swimming.

Or you may want to take a different approach by assuring them that Gynecomastia is common. Encourage them to take part in gym and swimming and act as if nothing is different.

Try Gynecomastia Pills

You may want to try out one of the gynecomastia pills on the market if the problem isn't resolving itself or if the boy does not want to wait for it to resolve.

Gynectrol is a clinically proven gynecomastia treatment that is considered to be a safe and easy way to get rid of the tissues that make up man boobs. Make sure you run it past a doctor first, as with any product you would buy for a young person.

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