Ultimate Gynemax Review – Does it Work? Side Effects and Ingredients

There aren't many Gynecomastia pills on the market to choose from, which is great news for sufferers of man boobs looking to choose between them.It is always wise to consult fact-checked reviews in order to help with your choice between them all.

In this Ultimate Gynemax review, I look at this male breast reduction supplement in detail to see if it really works for getting rid of man boobs.

What is Ultimate Gynemax?

Gynecomastia is caused by both the growth of male breast tissue and fatty tissue padding this out and making it look worse. Ultimate Gynemax aims to only reduce fatty deposits around the chest to improve the appearance of Gynecomastia.

One month's supply currently costs $69.95 plus $7.95 shipping and handling and you take 3 a day.

ultimate gynemax reviewIt contains the following ingredients:

  • Caralluma fimbriata – A cactus extract used to decrease appetite.
  • Green tea leaf – A natural metabolism booster.
  • Caffeine – Used to speed up metabolism and curb your appetite.
  • Chromium – stabilizes blood sugar levels.
  • Vitamin B complex – Unclear as to how this ingredient can help Gynecomastia.
  • Cocoa extract – A mild fat burner.
  • Cayenne pepper extract – A stimulant that acts as a fat burner.
  • ATPAids your metabolism.

If I were reviewing a diet pill, I would say this supplement was mid range and possibly effective. But this pill is meant to be a Gynecomastia pill and although it would possibly reduce fatty deposits around your breasts, I don't see any ingredients that focus on the main issue which is male breast tissue.

Plus the official website seems outdated with reference to 2013:

Is 2013 going to be THE year? The year you finally get out from under the umbrella… pull the shirt off and get in the pool?

Hopefully, this is just a slip up with updating the website, but it doesn't instill confidence.

Does Ultimate Gynemax Have Side Effects?

A few of the side effects Ultimate Gynemax may cause are:

  • Weight loss – This is common sense, all of the ingredients are focused on helping you to lose weight. You may not see this as a negative side effect.
  • Vomiting and Diarrhea – Caralluma Fimbriata has been associated with an unpleasant stomach upset in some people.
  • Jitters and shaking – Stimulants like Cayenne pepper extract can cause negative side effects in some men that include jitters, racing heart, sweating, and shaking.

Does Ultimate Gynemax Work?

I believe that this Gynecomastia supplement will work up to a point, as it should get rid of some chest fat eventually because it causes weight loss. However, I would really be looking for a pill that works on reducing breast tissue as well by balancing your hormones.

For a slightly cheaper price, you could buy Gynectrol, a Gynecomastia pill that has proven itself to be highly effective at reducing both fatty tissue and breast tissue to cause an overall decrease and even removal of man boobs.

It works in two ways:

  1. Causing weight loss will reduce fatty tissue in your breast area.
  2. Balancing your hormones so your body is trained not to produce more breast tissue and to break up existing breast tissue safely.

Click here for my full Gynectrol review


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